What Will Be the Portable Vaporizers of 2012?

What Will Be the Portable Vaporizers of 2012?

For smokers who are looking to make their habit a little less offensive and easier to participate in socially, electronic cigarettes have become the investment of choice. No bad smells, no offensive smoke, just a friendly mist. And while you can easily peruse the top e-cigarettes of this year, smokers are wondering what will be the Portable Vaporizers of 2012?

Green Smoke, EverSmoke or blu Portable Vaporizers?
EverSmoke e-cigarettesSome of the top brands of e-cigarettes this past year have been Green Smoke cigarettes, EverSmoke cigarettes, and blu Portable Vaporizers. Each of these major brands has roughly the same design, with a battery powered e-cigarette being screwed into a cartridge that has the nicotine and flavor mixed in with otherwise harmless water vapor. And while each company comes in a variety of flavors and aesthetics (blu Portable Vaporizers come in a black casing that makes them look sort of like a plastic clove with a blue light, for instance), a line by line look is what’s going to decide most smokers on the product they choose.

Green Smoke, for instance, has a number of different options to fit your taste as a smoker. There is a starter kit, for $160 and change, that comes with all you really need to switch from regular cigarettes and start smoking less if that’s your goal. Of course if you don’t feel that you need several different e-cigarette options, then you could buy a basic blu Cig for far less than that. Even the blu Portable Vaporizers starter pack is $69.95, which is only a little more expensive than the EverSmoke starter kit at $59.95.

E-Cigarettes – Completely Easy to Use
blu Portable Vaporizers e-cigarette kitPrice aside though, smokers are going to choose their e-cigarettes based on features. All of the e-cigarettes mentioned have the ability to get the batteries recharged, with EverSmoke being perhaps a little more convenient than the other brands. On the other hand, if you remember to charge your e-cigarette every night along with your cell phone, it won’t be a problem. blu Portable Vaporizers are sold in commercial stores, which gives them a major advantage of convenience over the other two brands because they’re more difficult to find when you’re out and about to find parts or replacement pieces. Because of the convenience, relatively low price, and the unique product of disposable, one time use e-cigarettes offered to smokers by blu Cig, it is probably going to pull ahead in this next coming year to become the best e-cigarette of 2012.

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